Tuesday, 10 February 2015

LIFE: 5 home jobs for February

I treat February much the same as September. This is the transition month into the new season. Into Summer!

1. Empty those cupboards.
In the kitchen; in the living room; utility room; cloakroom; bedroom. Empty all of them out and bin the majority of 'stuff' that's there. If you haven't used it since last February, then chances are you're not going to use them again.

2. Wash all of your clothes.
Now, this one might roll over into March and even April too. Good weather days might be few and far between - especially good drying weather, but where possible give all your clothes a wash and hang outside. It freshens them up and freshens you up too.

3. Prepare your outdoor space.
Too early I hear you cry? No. With all the plants still relatively small or still in bulb form, now is the best time to get on with outdoor improvements. We're going to replace our fence and relay our patio. Jobs that would be awkward to get to/ maneover with blooming plants everywhere.

4. Refresh a room.
If not all rooms, just one. There will be one that needs a quick lick of paint, maybe some glossing, maybe a flick of paint around switches and sockets. A room that has possibly sat for some time since you first moved in. One that has been on your To Do List for a good deal of time. Plan and re/decorate that room.

5. Bring the outdoors in.
If you have no outdoor space then this is a must - whether it's flowers or a potted plant, a terrararium or a bunch of flowers. Anything will do. Plants and flowers will brighten up a space more than anything else!

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