Friday, 27 February 2015

REVIEW: Ionic Hairdryer


Randomly in October last year my beloved Babyliss hairdryer decided to melt it's nozzle. Yupp, that happened. So the nozzle wouldn't stay on when I was drying my hair - super annoying, like.

I picked this up just after Christmas, mainly because of the attachments. My previous dryer only came with the one so this looked like a rare treat. Obviously I got it from BeautyBay. I've never tried anything from BeautyBay The Collection before, but I was immediately impressed by the packaging. Expecting a little naff cardboard thing like the ones on the shelf in Tesco, but opening the outer delivery box to reveal this actually made me say 'wow!'. It's great for keeping everything together. Good for keeping them out of the way, but not untidily and super for making you feel like a pro every morning.

I got this at half price (possibly still on now, click here to have a look) and I'm super happy and impressed with it. I'm still not sure how to use the diffuser and rarely use the small nozzle, but for a piece of electronic equipment that I use, sleepily, every morning at 5.30am, I'm over the moon with it.

Two features I especially like are the options for hot, hotter or cool and the multiple choice speeds at which the air is blown out at. Not that my old hairdryer didn't have any options, this just makes me want to use them more.

All in all, epic buy.

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