Monday, 16 February 2015

REVIEW: Cloud Nine

Take anything as an example in my life - computers, clothing, chicken feed - and you will see a pattern emerging. I choose the best, but not generally the most popular. 

The only thing I really, really wanted at Christmas was some straightners. And the first thing anyone said when I told them that was "oh, so you're going to get some GHDs?"

And I said no.

Cloud nine have appealed to me since I first heard of them a good few years ago now. And yet, no-one I know has any. Or has, in fact, heard of them. Even the fashion forward of my friends were quite vague with their knowledge of the brand. They appealed even more to me after that.

The first thing I loved was the packaging. They came in a beaut heat protective bag, in a ribbon tied box, in a ribbon tied bag, in a branded box. It was an awesome gift to open.

There are two main things I like about these:
1. The heat sheath. What a genius invention. A little bit of plastic that covers the end of the straighteners so if I'm in a rush I can bash them back in the bag immediately after use without worrying that they'll melt the wires or burn anything else.

2. The 30 minute timer. After 30 minutes these badboys will turn themselves off. So not only is there the protection of the sheath, but if you get to work in the morning and think 'SHIT, I left my straighteners on!' (me, every morning), then never fear. These have your back.

I wholeheartedly recommend these. I'm so, so glad I was given them and I'm certain that they'll last me a very long time.

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  1. I must admit I've never heard of cloud nine before. But sounds like a wonderful product.


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