Thursday, 26 March 2015


It's been twelve whole weeks since I took my last contraceptive pill.

I did write out a whole post about things I'd noticed about myself since stopping taking the Pill, however in a strange twist of fate, after ten weeks I went to the Doctors and was randomly diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism. So, whilst hoping to not have to remember to take pills anymore, I still have to take one a day. Turns out the only positive side effect to stopping the Pill has been that my boobs have grown a fraction. Yay!

All my symptoms for hyperthyroidism are things I thought were linked to me stopping the Contraceptive Pill.

These include:
- being overwhelmed by everything
- being irritable
- loss of concentration/focus
- worrying
- constant hunger/thirst
- insomnia
- shaking (especially when nervous, but also just anytime for no apparent reason)
- despondency
- hair loss

Coming off the Pill has helped highlight these issues and give me a reason why they happen.

I have no idea how long I've had it (though I felt similar to how I do now, about five years ago). Some of these things did happen whilst I was taking the Pill, for example the shaking has been a random on/off thing for a long time. But, as I'm more anxious now, it's more obvious.

Despite the whole hyperthyroid thing taking the limelight from coming off the Pill, I still have a few things I'd like to share with you about it.

1. My periods have not settled down.
I had my first 'fake' period as normal at the start of January. I had a second 'normal' period dead on 28 days afterwards. It wasn't really any different from what I'm used to, possibly a bit heavier, but it didn't last as long (whoop!). My second 'normal' period, was two days early and half a day of what I would term: dreg-blood. Not really proper blood, but definately 'something'.

2. I think I have a bit of PMT.
Obviously this could be (and probably is) linked to the hyperthyroidism, but around a week before I come on, I get super angry. Like any little thing can trigger me into a roaring mess.

3. I am much more loving.
Again, a possible side effect of the hyperthyroid, but I'd like to think not. Aside from the anger, I care a lot more for the Lad. In the way I actually listen to what his day was like rather than ask the question and not listen or care about the answer. This was the main reason for coming off the Pill, so as to not be angry the whole time - just a for a week a month.

I find out exactly what Hyperthyroidism is and how to live with it at my first referral appointment at the start of May, but if you have it, or know someone who has it, please get in touch and let me know what I can be doing to make life easier! Thank you!

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  1. Wow, sorry to hear this all. I can imagine it would be startling to do to the Doctor expecting this all to be from stopping contraceptive pills.. My dad had Hyperthyroidism, not a fun time. Prayers that your symptoms lesson!!

    Much Love,
    -Stephanie Eva


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