Saturday, 7 March 2015


This is a two sided plan.

One the one hand, I want to make our home inviting, functional and refresh it after the initial decorating we did when we moved in. But on the other, I want to explore more. 

I think home is all the better once I've been away from it.

This year I plan to rejuvenate and complete our home. Replace the interior doors, get our boiler serviced/fixed, freshen the paintwork, sort through all our belongings, deep clean every single space in our property and utilise every single space too.

Basically, I'm going to stop shit from flying out of every drawer I open, every cupboard that won't close, every box that I've shoved somewhere - out of sight out of mind - and also to finish the little jobs that we still haven't finished from when we got the keys to the house; boxing the bath in, edging the laminate floor in the lounge.

But, I'm also planning a lot of weekends away. Maybe two nights, or even just the one. Just to see somewhere new. To get out. To discover. Broaden our horizons. Not too far, but far enough.

I'm excited for this one the most. I'll be able to see to progress and tick things off a list - something I love to do.

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  1. Looking forward to seeing the pictures of the home rejuvenation :)


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