Tuesday, 3 March 2015

READ: #4 War of the Worlds, #5 The Perks of Being a Wallflower, #6 Messenger of Fear

This has been on my bookshelf since GCSE English dictated I buy it, then promptly moved my classes - so I have never read it. Curiously enough, I really enjoyed it and devoured it in a couple of evenings. Written in a fast paced old english style, it's great to imagine what it would actually be like to be surrounded by martians (scary).

I can't place why this book disappointed me into one point so I'll list them out:
1. It's written in letter format
2. There's sexual/inappropriate parts
3. The plot twist I felt, was unnecessary
All three don't really appeal to me, nor the style of the narration. I'm glad that I've read it however, because now I can go see the film.

This is a 'childrens' book. Within the first few chapters though, I'd be surprised if a twelve year old would be able to sleep after reading it. It's quite gory, quite detailed and I absolutely loved it. I also love that I managed to pick up a signed copy without even realising it - or who the author was - just because I liked the cover. The best part is that it's the first of the trilogy. Cannot wait for the second book to be released.

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  1. I'm currently reading The Messenger of Fear and I love it, definitely not good for children though, you're right!
    Mary-Ann xx
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