Friday, 3 April 2015

READ: #10 The Amber Spyglass, #11 The Subtle Knife, #12 The Princess and the Foal, #13 Deerskin

Part of His Dark Materials Trilogy, these are so much better than the first, Northern Lights, book - maybe because I don't have Dakota Fanning as Lyra in my head. I had forgotten so much about these two that I devoured them both within a week. It follows Lyra and her newfound friend Will as the battle between her father, Asriel and God comes to a head. I cried at several parts of these books, the emotion is effectively conveyed and so beautiful. It's almost like I know every one of the characters IRL and, as there are plenty deaths, I almost grieved for them.

This is written for a much younger audience than a twenty-five year old, however I quite liked it. Sentences were kept short, wording was simple and the story was a Happily Ever After without all that much hardship involved. What I liked the most is that it's based on an actual Princess who is still alive today. Her life has had many more hardships than has been written in this book, but the determination of Haya really shows with it's 'grassroot' type approach.

A story, essentially, about rape and its aftereffects. I read this first when I was about fifteen and I remembered the magical side of things more than the actual rape part. Lissla Lissar grows up in the shadow of her great mother and father, the queen and king of the country. Once her mother dies, her father goes mad, claims he will marry her and when she refuses, batters and rapes her. The relationship between Lissar and her dog, Ash, is a beautiful one and that becomes the highlight of the book that takes the best part of ten years. Having said it's about rape, I wouldn't necessarily focus on the whole rape issue, this is a very original fairy tale (so original in fact it's based on one called Donkeyskin) so there horror offsets the magic of it all. There is a lot of magic and love and a great titantic ending. I love Robin McKinley.

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