Thursday, 16 April 2015

READ: #14 The Princess and the Hound, #15 Paper Towns, #16 Gone Girl

An old favourite and very similar to the story of Deerskin where a princess and a dog have a very close bond. The bond this time is the twist in the story. The book is written from the Prince's point of view and it's an exciting read as he discovers things about his families past and about Princess Beatrice.

It's been on my bookshelf for about six months, unread. Soon though, the movie is coming out featuring Cara Delevigne. So I read it and it was like reading about Cara Delevigne. The stuff that happens is exactly what I imagine she would be like anyway - fun, daredevil, laid back. A great read for only 300 pages. Although the ending disappointed me a tad.

I laboured over reading this. It took me over a week to get from start to finish. The hype ruined this for me. I think that if I'd not heard of it before it would have been amazing, but as it was I expected a lot more from the plot and the writing. A sum up - girl goes missing, husband is presumed the killer. Ooh err, what can happen next? I actually found this similar to Paper Towns in the way there's a trail to follow, but I enjoyed the style of Paper Towns better. Mr Green smacksdown Ms Flynn.

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