Tuesday, 14 April 2015

REVIEW: Maybelline Colour Show Bouquet

I am feeling the sparkles. Definately feeling the sparkles. Especially now that the sun is peeking it's lovely face out more often. Spring is here! I've always been impartial to sparkles, glitter or anything pink. Not an aversion, but not particularly over fond.

But now, I am craycray for some pink sparkles. And this Colour Show Polish in Bouquet hits the spot.

I think it's meant to be a top coat, but I prefer to use it alone on well manicured nails (or less bitten nails, lets put it that way). Despite that bottle looking super packed with sparkle, it's easy to get a minimal amount out and create a simple look.

Or if you really want, also easy to go all out and cram your nails with sparkle.

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  1. lovely colour and texture :)



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