Friday, 24 April 2015

WEAR: Denim

If you'd asked me, say, five years ago whether I was a jeans and t-shirt kinda gal, I would've instantly said no. I was the dress-wearing kind - a billion pairs of 100 denier tights in the drawer.

But recently, not so much.

I wear, on rotation, jeans and workwear pants for work. I have two pairs of the right hand Brady jeans, solely for work purposes. They're sort of straight legged/verrrry slightly tapered, boyfriend fit which is great for hauling warehouse stock about in. They wash beautifully and were amazingly well priced. Cheers ASOS. (They're not available any more in this colour, but these are the lighter shade.)

The left hand side jeans are super, super old Topshop Harper's. The rips are meant to be there although they've definately become more 'distressed' over the past seven(ish) years (the linked pair are in excellent condition compared to mine). I honestly love these. Boyfriend fit again, these are loungey, out in the garden, quickly get some milk, pull on when everything else is in the wash jeans.

The middle three skinny fit jeans are all Topshop. The top and middle are Leigh's. I have two of the black although the older of the two is looking decidedly washed out. The third and final pair of skinnies are now my favourites - Jamie's. I didn't think I was going to like them, but I must have a 'thing' for ripped jeans (they're also advertised £2 cheaper in store- win). The high waist really makes the backside look like a good side!

So there you go, from a tight lover to a denim fiend. I'm rarely out of jeans these days and I prefer it that way!

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  1. These jeans look great! I really need to try Topshop. I see great reviews for their clothes all the time and should definitely look at their stuff!



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