Thursday, 7 May 2015

LIFE: Go Vote

Since I was 18, I have voted every single time I've been given a ballot paper - even if I haven't had a clue what I've been voting for. One time, I'd even bathed and got into bed before realising it was voting day and shot out to the polling station in my jimjams. 

The majority of people I know have said they won't be bothering to vote this time. This is an ultimate travesty.

It's an important matter. You might not think so at first glance, but it is.

Things it affects include:
School funding
Hospitals and GP practices
Perscription prices
A&E waiting times
Class sizes
Road improvements
Street lights
Litter pickers
Energy prices
Jobs- quantity available and quality ie. labour are to cap the zero hour contracts to 12 weeks.
EU policies
Environmental funding
Car tax
Mortgages and finance

I don't know about you, but several of those points affect me. And whether you're still in school, a twenty something or a parent, or even a pensioner, I'll bet some of them affect you too.

I'm not wholely competent about the exact policies of each party, but I'm aware of each of the main points (those election debates were very, very informative) of the parties and can differentiate between them all (not the Liberals though, what do they do again?), but About My Vote is also a really helpful resource to help you make your minds up.

So this is a plea, me begging, me imploring you to go and vote today!

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