Thursday, 14 May 2015

LIFE: To Austerity in the UK

I voted. As did many other people last week in the UK. I did not vote Conservative. I'm saddened that they're the UK leaders and that they will represent our country and speak out for us for the next five years. I'm sorry that the beloved NHS will become a closed shop and cost me money in the future to visit. I'm puzzled as to why with so much bitching over the last five years, they're in power again.

But, I'm also saddened that people who similarly voted against them have reacted in the way they have. A protest march? Violence? Defacing World War memorials?


Firstly, the protest itself. Every single person had the opportunity to vote. Every single UK citizen. And if they voted, then good. It's not very British or sportsmanlike to then get all pissy when your team don't win. I'm sad, but if other people voted for them, then they have a right to be in power. I don't agree with the system, but that's something that we have to work on persuading them to change. They are the ones who have the power to change that. 

The violence. There is never any cause or reason that violence is the answer to. It appalls me that someone would think that hurting someone else would make others respect their opinion more. I want people to take me and my views and my opinion seriously - whomever took it upon themselves to take the violence route have lessened the respect from the other side. Noone will take someone having a paddy seriously. We're all adults and we all voted. Now, shut up and sod off if you have nothing good or positive to say or do.

Defacing other peoples property. The fact it was a war memorial - crikey mate, really? I'm just speechless.

There are always things in life that are not going to go the way you want them to, but it's the way you deal with those things that make the outcomes better for everyone. Like I said, we now have to work together to make our country better for everyone in it, not against each other.

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