Sunday, 3 May 2015

REVIEW: Botanics Radiance Balm All Bright

I got a Boots voucher. Ohhh deaarr.

I used it to get this, so my bank balance wasn't too damaged. Botanics items are, thankfully, affordable. With summer on the way I'm trying to back off the heavy concealer/foundation/BB cream combination and focus on creating a great looking skin base.

This works to minimise visible signs of fatigue and create an instant pick-me-up effect. It's basically a creamy-pinky-shimmery formula that creates a light reflecting base to complement other illuminating products. You could, if you wanted to, wear this alone, however that'd probably be a holiday type option rather than a typical UK work day option. Your skin would have to already be flawless. I love this alongside a heavy (I know, I know) concealer to cover precise blemishes, leaving the rest of my skin bare - except for this and my moisturiser.

I found this is my go-to product for Sunday's and Tesco shopping evenings when I don't want to wear too much on my face. It's definately a perky product and I'm glad it's found it's way into my makeup bag.

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