Friday, 15 May 2015

REVIEW: Naked Shampoo

I find that whenever I use a silicone free shampoo my hair feels softer and falls over my shoulders more gently than when I use a typical volumising shampoo and I end up having a blonde 'fro. I've never heard of this brand, nor ever seen it on the shelves before, but I'm very happy with the results.

Due to my hyperthyroidism, my hair has been falling out and turned dull. I've been blasting it with all sorts, but nope, nothing has worked. This perked it up instantly though. It's scented, but not too overpoweringly so and once I've used it I can't smell it - however lads at work have commented on it.

It's an effort to lather, but it cleans very well. I need to use quite a large blob to clean all of my hair - it's down to the middle of my shoulder blades at the minute.This particular one creates a silky finish. I love that it's 97% natural. 

I actually used this to wash my cat - it has a lot of long winded named ingredients, but the majority that I researched appear in hypoallergenic cat shampoos anyway and she looks great!

Overall, a superb product and one that I'm sure I'll return to using once I finish this bottle.

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