Thursday, 21 May 2015

REVIEW: Tea Tree Skincare

The Tea Tree Skincare brand has been around for ages, but in recent years has had a packaging refresh. It's clear, simple to read and definately attracts attention.

I've been using my grapefruit moisturiser for a little while now and have really been enjoying how fresh it is on a morning. Unfortunately it's running out, so I thought I'd swap things around and try a grapefruit wash.

The Wash
This is one of the few face washes (and soaps in general) that I can use and not be partially blinded by. I wear eyeliner most days so focus my cleansing efforts around my eye area - usually resulting in sharp eye pain from product getting in there. None with this! It's super gentle on me, but not on dirt which is just as a cleanser should be. My face has never felt so soft. The fragrance is definately not very potent and it doesn't linger a moment after drying the skin, however I really like that.

The Moisturiser
This smells of (surprise, surprise) tea tree A LOT. It's not too overpowering once on the face though and the smell doesn't linger at all. It moisturises quickly and doesn't sit on the skin. It doesn't sink in so fast that I'm constantly dry faced either, but it's a good consistency and it makes my face feel nourished.

Have you tried Tea Tree Skincare before? What do you make of the brand?

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