Thursday, 18 June 2015

LIFE: MASTER PLAN SIDE A: 6 Months After Coming off The Contraceptive Pill

Exactly six months ago, I took my last contraceptive pill. Now my hyperthyroidism is under control, I can really take a look at how the pill affected me and what changes there have been since coming off them.

See my original post here, and my 12 week update here.

1. My boobs have grown, I've bulked up and I'm hairy.
I think my body is finishing off puberty. 
I started taking the contraceptive pill when I was 16 and I had a bit of a boyish figure back then. I'm filling out now. So my boobs are growing, I'm carrying more weight around my middle and I'm heavier than I've ever been before. Although I know the majority of this 'weight' is fat, I feel less skinny (something I've always been called and always hated) and more normal. I'm watching what I eat, so I don't put too much on, but I'm currently okay with how my body has changed in that respect.

I've always been quite hairy for a blonde girl - thankfully no dark hair for me, but I'm sure I could plait my arm hair if I really tried. This hair is now growing down onto the backs of my hands. Is this normal? I'm sure I had downy hair on my hands when I was younger, but I've not had it there in so long, I'm a little unnerved. It's not particularly noticeable because it's so fair, but I'm aware of it. Possible waxing may commence soon.

2. My periods have (hopefully) settled.
I have had two periods that were dead on 28 days apart. I'm hoping that they'll continue on like this - predictably - for the rest of my life. I know that's a pretty hefty wish, but I dislike the 'not knowing' of when I might come on. I've experienced more cramps than I did when I was on the pill, but it's not unbearable and I'm hoping that it's just my womb getting back into the swing of things.

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