Friday, 26 June 2015

READ: #23 The Other Wind, #24 Tales from Earthsea, #25 Eleanor & Park, #26 Starchild & Witchfire

This is a final book in the Earthsea series. It it set fifteen years after Tehanu and links back to the other books often. A bit too often sometimes, almost like the author is forcing the old stories on the reader again, but I did enjoy the plot. The dead keep contacting Alder after his wife and child dies - this story is about why they call to him and draw him to the land where the stars never set and the sun never rises. It's a good book to end a series on.

This book is like the bonus material after watching a series of movies. These stories are set alongside the other books in the Earthsea set. Some are placed in completely different times, some are helpful for elaborating on characters met in the series, some are just thought provoking. I'd had this book for years before finally getting round to reading it.

OH MY GOD, how cute. Just how cute? Can a book get any cuter? Goddamn, Park is like Augustus Walters (in the book, not the film. Thank you.) where you want the imaginary version to come out into real life so you can just squeal that he's here! I loved this, I read it in a couple of days and felt a little lost when I put it back on the bookshelf. I am definately reading more of Rainbow's books. Ultimate love story.

I got this from a friend, who got this from our junior school library when they had a yard sale, after they upgraded to computers in the '90's. These are the best books. I devoured this. A children's book that takes you away to a land of fairies, dragons and the battle of good and evil. Such a great throwback to those days when imagination was limitless. 

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