Tuesday, 14 July 2015

BATTLE: Texturising Hairspray

I will never ever spend over £10 on a hairspray. Not even a texturising one, so the Oribe and Bumble & Bumble products will sadly never take centre stage on my bathroom shelf. Unless I won big on the lottery. When they most definately would.

So in the search for a good, but still reasonably priced version, I've come across these.

The pro's of this product are that: it sprays a good amount out of the bottle in one go so it's very thorough at coating all of my roots, it holds a good amount of product, it smells good. The con's are that it doesn't actually, really do anything. Within 30 minutes my hair is back to it's lank self. Not to say that I didn't spray it all over and scrunch like mad. Disappointing.

I'm on my second bottle of this. That says something. It's great to spritz into newly straightened hair to give a bit of movement, or on waves to give that little somethin' somethin'. I like the packaging, the amount of product you get and the feel of it in my hair. The only downside is that it doesn't last all day, probably only a few hours or so before my hair looks like I did nothing to it. 

I'm also on the second bottle of this. I see this as a lighter version of the L'Oreal spray. It's much nicer used as a product for giving volume to the lower ends of my hair when I've waved it, rather than at the roots. Compared to the L'Oreal, it's a close second, but a second place all the same.

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