Friday, 17 July 2015

READ: #27 Tehanu, #28 Sorceress, #29 The Princess Academy, #30 The Book of a Thousand Days

The final book in the Earthsea quartet. I actually read this quite a while ago, before the Tales. It's one of my favourites because it's about dragons. Can't beat a book about dragons. It encompasses a lot of topics along the way - gypsies, women, farming, poverty, wealth, sexism, pride and respect. Tehanu is the name of a little girl who gets raped, beaten and thrown in a fire by her gypsy parents before being found and taken in by Tenar. The story follows the hardships they endure by being (and being associated with) disfigurement. I really enjoyed the story and my heart lifts at the end.

I haven't pictured this one because I devoured it in a day and gave it back to the friend I borrowed it from. It's the second book of a twosome following a girl named Mary. At the end of the last one, she's outcast from the colony town. This one picks up straight from that point. It's an entirely different story from the first; I'm not sure whether I like them as a pair. Singularly, they're both great stories, though they don't link together all that well.

Only since re-reading this have I found out there's two more books in this series! I loved this book. So simple, but it's got everything - excitement, wonder, heartbreak, love - everything a girl needs in a book. Miri isn't allowed to go down into the mine, she doesn't know why, but her father refuses to let her go. Everyone else goes - the linder they mine is the currency of the mountain. When a herald comes from the King and states that the new Princess will be one of the girls from the mountain, Miri tries extra hard to be the Academy Princess and this story follows her efforts, and the ups and downs of living on a mountain. It's a great story, I'm looking forward to reading the next two!

This starts of pretty slow. Part one is set in a tower, there's not much going on but frequent visits from rats, a lack of fresh milk and a moaning maid. The second part ups the pace a bit, but only a bit - *spoiler* they leave the tower. I still struggled to keep interested. Until about two thirds of the way through when more action starts. I love the concept and it's based on an old fairy tale (I love that) so it's a well written adaptation.

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