Tuesday, 28 July 2015

REVIEW: L'Oreal Facial Cleansing Oil

The L'Oreal Extraordinary Facial Cleansing Oil has been staring at me from the shelves of Superdrug for months. And I always put off buying it under the pretence that I have too many cleansers already. Well, maybe I do. But maybe I don't have any oil cleansers. So in the end, it came on an offer and I bought it.

For one, this didn't feel tacky on my skin. It didn't linger on my hands. I didn't make me feel greasy. Number one win. For seconds, it smells surprisingly neutral. I thought it might smell like a cooking oil, or overcompensate with a super floral scent, but it's just neutral and clean.  Number two win.

Effectiveness wise, I'm incredibly happy with this. It dissolves all my eyeliner and mascara in literally seconds, and with the use of a muslin cloth, lifts all the dirt, makeup and day-to-day shit from my face easily. Number three win.

For just over a fiver, I'm glad I persuaded myself to get this. I use it every evening and my skin absolutely loves it.

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