Tuesday, 7 July 2015

REVIEW: Vaseline Essential Moisture Lotion

I ended up being burnt to a crisp by the sun last week. It was not a good move. Especially with a ten hour shift in steel toe capped boots that rub around my calves. Not a good move at all.

The day after my incessant moaning about how raw my legs were and then about how my shirt chaffed my raw arms, my work colleague kindly brought me this Vaseline Lotion in to try.

It works. It's a godsend. I love my colleague in so many ways right now.

Vaseline products and I don't usually get on well. I find them greasy, lay thick on the skin and smell nasty after a few hours, but this doesn't do any of that. It sinks in quickly, soothes my red skin and smells divine. And, unlike other moisturisers, it's also okay to use on sunburnt/irritated skin.

I've been using it twice daily - once after my morning shower and again just before getting into bed. It seems to be helping. I did an awesome job of destroying my skin, but it hasn't peeled (something that I seem to do every time the sun even so much as peeks out from behind a cloud), and that's a good sign.

Me and Vaseline might become good mates soon. It certainly looks that way.

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