Monday, 17 August 2015

HOW TO: 5 Tips on Making Your Workspace Pinterest Picture Worthy

1. Choose a theme and stick to it.
Whether that means taking pattern to the next level, block colouring every surface, going minimal black and white, taking a 'carefully cluttered' approach - go all out and do just that.

2. Photograph small parts.
Unless your room is completely amazing, photographing the details mean you can focus on creating little spaces of pinterest worthiness. Eventually, you can get that completely amazing room.

3. Be thoughtful with the angle of the photograph.
No-one looks good photographed from below, it's a fact. Same goes with your room. Certain angles will never be flattering. Choose carefully how to get the best from your space. This could mean taking loads of photos from different angles and then choosing the best one, or it could be taking the time to plan out your photo and taking only the one.

4. Surround yourself with what you love.
You are more likely to present things and spaces in a better way if you genuinely love them. If it's not your cup of tea, the passion just won't be there. It'll be like a damp squib, something, but what exactly?

5. Bring nature indoors.
Notice how in most amazing photos there's a bunch of flowers? Or a cacti? Or a green houseplant? Well get your own. It's amazing how it can give that extra pop to a photo and also to your space in general. Having a desk plant brightens the mood!

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