Tuesday, 25 August 2015

HOW TO: DIY Cup Holder

Whilst browsing Pinterest the other day I came across a photo of a cup holder that was made out of a pallet with multicoloured hooks attached to the front. I loved it. And once I finished browsing, I'd lost the photo! The closest I could find to it was this one.

So armed with a vivid memory and a tonne of determination, I roped the Lad in and we made one.

If you'd like to make one too these are the things we used and the process we went through:

  • We used an old pallet, but any wood will do!

  • We went around loads of hardware shops before finding a really good deal on coat hooks in Wilko's (should've tried there first really). We emptied the white hooks out (50p each) and rounded ourselves up to 10 in total with silver ones (95p each).

  • It didn't matter what colour the hooks were to begin with because we knew we were going to spray them a different colour. Firstly, you'll need to prime the hooks so you'll need a spray paint metal primer. We chose to spray them all one colour, but you could chose a few different spray paint colours and have a mismatched display. The colour we chose is Rust-oleum Painters Touch Craft Enamel in Balmoral Red.

  • You'll also need some nail in brackets like these. I got mine from Yorkshire Trading, but any flat brackets that can be used to hold the wood together will do - bearing in mind the weight that it's going to hold.

  • Some screws, not too long to go through the wood, but long enough to hold the coat hooks in place and the nail in brackets on (we used screws for extra hold).

1. Break down your pallet, cut the wood to the right length and fix together with your brackets.
2. Prime your hooks.
3. Spray your screws and hooks corresponding colours. Seeing as we only used one colour, we just sprayed everything red.
4. Arrange your hooks in the pattern (or non-pattern) that you want and screw in.
5. Touch up any screws by spraying a piece of card with the colour you want and dipping with cotton bud and dabbing onto anywhere that needs it.

6. There are many ways you can attach your mug holder to the wall. We firstly tried standard picture hooks, string and a nail, but worried about the strength of the nail/string/hooks. In the end we used good ol' fashioned rawl plugs and super hench screws directly through the wood and into our wall. It's super secure and I feel safe putting my best mugs on it. Whichever you choose, make sure it's secure enough for the amount of cups you'll be putting on it!

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