Wednesday, 19 August 2015

LIFE: The Liebster Award

I'm so stoked about this! To have someone who reads my blog and wants to read more literally puts the biggest smile on my face. This post is more about you guys and how awesome you are. I love you lots. I mean that.

The lovely Cheryl at Beauscience tagged me with the Leibster Award. Cheryl is one of only a handful who regularly comment and one of my absolute favourite things about this blog is hearing everyone's thoughts on the topic/item I posted about, so thank you Cheryl! Also, sorry it's taken me a while to post this, it's surprisingly hard to think of questions for other people when you're put on the spot!

1. Why did you start your blog?
I have been blogging for over five years. My old blog was more fashion-y/outfitt-y/personal style-y which was great when I went to Uni and wore different clothes everyday, but once I started working full time in a warehouse in reinforced-kneed workpants and a round-necked sweater I found it really difficult to keep up the creativity involved to display the contents of my wardrobe. 

Kudos to those who do. 

I created Oh, hello jo to start afresh with sharing things that interest me - a lot more than my wardrobe ever did really. I love lifestyle blogs and beauty blogs and outfit blogs and I like the flexibilty that Oh, hello jo has given me to explore more options and to share different things.

2. If you could be an animal, what would you be and why?
A cat. A cat has the freedom of the world, whilst also having a nice warm basket to come home to, food in it's bowl and (if it's lucky) a patient owner (that doesn't mind the cat hair) to sit on. AND it had nine lives. Total winner.

3. What is your most cherished piece of beauty advice?
I'm not sure whether this falls under the 'beauty advice' title, but it's one I always remember and am glad I always followed:

Brush your teeth once after breakfast and once before bed, every day.

I have no fillings, no teeth taken out, no problems with rogue wonky teeth. I also highly recommend paying the extortionate prices to see a dentist regularly. My teeth are fine, but I go every nine months, just to make sure. I need these badboys to stay good for the rest of my life. No fixodent for me.

4. What inspirational saying do you live by, or just love?
Remember:  happiness is a way of travel, not a destination.
My ultimate goal in life is to be happy. My version of happiness is to be mindful and grateful for little everyday things - like having no fillings in my teeth. It's a simple quote, but it's something I remind myself of often. I even have it framed and hung above my bed.

5. Favourite or cheesiest joke?
Knock, knock.
Who's there?
Bum who?
HAHA you said bum!

It's not a joke, but I dare you to say it and not have, at least, a faint smile on your face.

6. What was the last boxset series you could not put down?
I finished watching the first series of New Girl (again) last week, but the box set I really got into was Game of Thrones before Series 4 began. I had to catch up on all of the first three series' in about three weeks. It was on constantly. I've never seen so many naked people in so short a time. The other day I started watching Brooklyn Nine Nine on Netflix at a friends house; I don't have Netflix... yet. So this will definately be the next obsession.

7. The thing you love most about blogging, or a treasured memory because you blog.
I love how it's made me look at the world differently. I photograph everything, I try different things through recommendations, I spread top tips I've found, I read articles that give me a different viewpoint to look through - like Charlotte's post. I love how through blogging I've found confidence to be who I am and accept everyone else for being who they are, because everyone is different. Just like everyone's blog is different.

8. What was the last random act of kindness you experienced or gave?
My last random act of kindness is linked to this post. I made my neighbour a sandwich. I'd never spoken to him before. It was ham and cheese. But, I never got to give him that sandwich. It sat in my fridge for two days before I threw it out. I wish I'd've made it sooner to give it to him, maybe things would have turned out differently, but I wasted valuable time debating whether it was something he'd like or not. It's such a simple thing, but I think it's the simplest things that make them the kindest.

9. What is your favourite thing to do and why?
I love sitting on my bench outside in the sunshine either reading, or eating, or sewing, or just looking at our garden with one of our cats curled around my feet. It's what makes me happiest.

10. What is your 'go to' outfit?
Currently, it's my ripped knee Jamie jeans and an oversized back and white check shirt . Suitable for all occasions by dressing up with heels and a clutch or dressing down with my Nike SB's and an alphabetbag tote.

I've used the number of followers indicated on Bloglovin' to create my nomination list and I've only chosen a cream-of-the-crop five blogs:

Mint Notion
I love the variety of posts Eden writes. Travel, style, some beauty - great allrounder and something for everyone.

Her Face In The Crowd
Tatiana's style is just spot on, I love how she always has a smile on her face! And her little puppy Tipton is just TOO cute.

Becca has just completed the Whole30 - something I'd really like to try. I love how honest Becca is about life and about finding happiness.

An English Rose
Ciara is a) so pretty, b) super knowledgeable about beauty and c) I have GOT to make those mini victoria sponge cakes.

Ooh La Luce
I stumbled across this girl recently and I was instantly taken with her writing style. So friendly, down to earth and, like Becca, honest. I also really recommend reading her How To on taking and staging photographs.

Here are my questions:
1. What's your favourite colour and why?
2. Who is your favourite author and which book of theirs would you recommend reading?
3. Which blog do you read the most?
4. What three pieces of advice would you give yourself ten years ago if you could?
5. If you could wear only two makeup products, which would they be?
6. What are your favourite types of blogpost?
7. Twitter or instagram?
8. What's your most worn item of clothing and why?
9. What/who is your biggest influence?
10. If you won a million pounds tomorrow, what would you do with it?


  1. Aw great post lovely! I agree with your beauty advise, i brush ALWAYS after breakfast and last thing before i go to bed. My boyfriend SWEARS by brushing before breakfast, i am just not convinced, i have almost persuaded him over to the right (?) side ;) haha...

  2. Thank you for the nomination lovely- and thank you for really taking the time to read an appreciate my blog!

    Lucy // Ooh La Luce

  3. I almost feel like a proud mama hearing someone else out there say my pup is cute :) Seriously, thanks so much for the nomination. Glad to have discovered your blog as well. I always love reading the blogs of people from other countries.

    Tatiana //


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