Wednesday, 5 August 2015

SAVE: 5 Beauty Items To Share With the Boyfriend

I read this article the other day about sharing beauty products with the boyfriend to cut back on money and to save space. Whilst that list is fairly all encompassing - from moisturiser to bath soaks - I realised that The Lad and I share some things not mentioned on the list that I thought was worth a mention.

1. Mens shavers and shaving foam
Muuuuch better than the woman equivalent. I mean, these things are made for someone's face so there shouldn't be any discomfort on my part when I use them on my legs or underarms. And the brands are undoubtably cheaper. Especially when there are 'sensitive' versions for the same price too.

2. Dry shampoo
Despite having my hair coloured blonde and The Lad having naturally dark hair, we use the same Batiste dry shampoo - the original version. There's not much need to have a ton of different variations when the basic version works wonders.

3. Shampoo as body wash
We buy super large bottles of shampoo and conditioner* (currently we have the VO5 Give Me Moisture shampoo) and regularly use the suds from our hairwashing antics to wash the rest of us. It's not something I really think about us doing, but when we do buy a body wash, it's used up in a week, whilst a shampoo that we use only a little bit more of in one go can last us a month or more.

4. Toothbrushes
Woah there! Not normal manual toothbrushes. That's a step too far. What I mean here is an electric toothbrush. There are plenty out there with colour coded interchangeable heads, so whilst an electric toothbrush might be a big outlay, it'll a) save you money in the long run on dentist fees and b) save you time on a morning and night by doing all the manual work for you.

5. Spot treatments
The Lad and I are mid twenties, but we're still prone to the odd outburst of spots. A spot is generally speaking, a spot, whatever gender. Spots are not sexist. Find a treatment, facewash, cream that you both respond well to and stick with it. The Lad and I both love the Clean and Clear Morning face wash.

* You might be wondering, 'where do all these shampoos you review go then, hmmm?' well, I do have a lot of shampoos on the go at once, however I have - what I  like to call - a base shampoo on the side of the bath at all times. My base shampoo is one that I fall back on if I don't need volume, heat defence, frizz, detangling, sleekness-inducing properties. It's also, in this case, great for using as a body wash too.

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