Tuesday, 11 August 2015

WEAR: Cotton Denim

From left to right: Dress, Dress, Shirt, New Look last season, but this one is similar.

I'm not sure whether 'cotton denim' is a thing. I'm certain there are different grades of denim though and although I call the lighter grades 'cotton denim' what I really mean is that floaty type of denim that is probably a cotton that just looks like a denim. 

Or in the case of the stripey dress above, a chambray linen.

I win at descriptive explanations. You know I do.

I've taken to this type of day wear as my little-bit-dressier-than-normal-but-still-fairly-basic attire over the past few weeks. It's easy to throw on, wash and then not iron, before lobbing back on again. 

What's your favourite trend this season?


  1. I might have to buy that Gap dress, I love chambray for summer (even though we're not really getting much of one this year)

  2. I'm a denim fool since I was a child and I'm now 60! I still wear it! Cotton denim is great. Nice and "airy" and as you say off, wash and can be put back on again. I wear my denim jeans with a casual top and fit in mostly everywhere I go. I'm not a "party" person...lol.


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