Tuesday, 15 September 2015

BATTLE: Salt Spray

Style Expertise Texture Salt Infusion Surf Spray
The cheapest of the trio and also the smallest at 100ml, this little beasty pulls it's weight amongst the big guys; it has a perfumed scent that works well alongside other hair products, it's spray works as a fine mist so I can spray it directly onto the ends of my hair without fear of it spraying onto one spot and weirdly wetting a patch of my hair, it's super good for travelling with due to it's small size.

Tresemme Perfectly Undone Sea Salt Spray
Love, love, love the smell of this! It's like a perfume in itself and I love moving my head about during the day and catching a whiff of this. It's spray is much wetter than that of the Style Expertise spray, so I rub it in my hands before applying to my hair, but it's much less sticky than the Trevor Sorbie spray.

This is an old favourite. We've used this one for about a year now, although I never really thought about Battling it against any others until we reached nearly the end of it. This has a sticky formula that works really well on curls as it holds the curl as well as giving it a texture. 

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