Sunday, 13 September 2015

HOW TO: Make a Pom Pom Lampshade

When my Grandma died, I inherited a wooden standard lamp. We swapped the Grandma style lampshade with tassels and a flowery print for a simple, streamlined black one from Habitat. It's been like that for the past six years. It worked with our past living room decor, but for our new living room, it looked too simple.

What you will need:
Some pom pom decorative trim cut at the length of the circumference of the shade you choose.
Some clear-drying fabric glue.
A lampshade in the style and colour of your choice.
A selection of pegs to help hold the trim onto the shade whilst the glue dries.

My fabric glue stated that I needed to apply a line of glue to each surface and wait five minutes. So I put a line of glue along my trim and a line of glue along the inner edge of my shade. 

You could, if you wanted to, put the trim on the outside and have the whole trim on show, but we decided to hide the top part inside and just have the pom poms on show.

This was pretty messy and I got glue all over me. It would probably be easier sticking the trim on the outside edge to avoid having to maneover around the shade spokes. I got the Lad involved at this stage to stop the remaining trim being dragged all over the table top and rest of the lampshade. Once I'd successfully arranged a section and pressed the glue together I secured it with a peg and moved onto the next stage. After ten minutes the glue was set and we bashed the shade back onto the standard lamp.

To tie in every section of the room together, I'm also planning on using this pom pom trim on cushion covers. Keep an eye out for that HOW TO because I can tell that's going to be a learning curve and a half to sew!

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  1. Oh my, this is lush! Can't wait to try this :)


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