Thursday, 10 September 2015

LIFE: MASTER PLAN SIDE A: 9 month update

It's nine months since I took my last contraceptive pill. Pretty weird still. Having said that, I'm feeling so much better. Like a weight has lifted and I'm light and ready for anything. That's also pretty weird, but also true.

1. I feel totally normal
I feel much calmer, sedate and less irritable. I see other people's point of view much easier than I ever have. I can communicate what I'm feeling or how other people are feeling much more effectively and smoothly. As long as I have a good night's sleep I'm up for interacting with friends and family more often too (albeit not TOO often), but I don't get as much of an impulse to sit away from others and not get involved. 

2. Give or take a few days, my periods are regular
This makes me feel a little safer when going out and about. My periods have settled to pretty much spot on 4 weeks apart and although they're quite a bit heavier than they were whilst on the pill. I also feel much better for having them. It's not so much of an inconvenience as more of a 'oh I'm glad I'm on finally! I can get rid of this bloating now!' Yes, I get super bloated just before. Maybe a bit TMI, but this isn't something I've ever experienced before. Struggling to get my work trousers done up the first month was a bit worrying, but it's a rhythm and it obviously my rhythm so I best get used to it.

3. I smell
I've never been a particularly sweaty betty, but this summer I think I suddenly became one. I've had to up my hygiene game a lot. I've never used anti-perspirents or deodorants because I've never had the need, so it's been an eye opener trying different things and seeing how my body responds to them. What I Learnt: Mitchum is a winner.

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