Thursday, 17 September 2015

READ: #31 Sunshine, #32 The Garden, #33 Green Angel, #34 The Yorkshire Shepherdess

This is one of my favourite books. Published back in 2003, I bought this not long afterwards - way before the Vampire Diaries or Twilight ever came into the public eye. This is a great representation of what the world would be like after an Apocalypse of zombies, werewolves and 'Others' came out of the closet - so to speak. Sunshine is an ordinary girl working in a bakery, she has a normal family and a normal routine until she's snatched by the worst of the Others: vampires. I used to love this book in it's entirety, however during this re-read I found Sunshine repeated a lot of her worries over and over instead of actually moving past them until right at the end. I suppose it adds to the suspension of the plot, but because I know the ending, it wasn't fast enough for my liking. For someone who likes a bit of Sci-i/fantasy, it's a superb book.

This is the story of the Garden of Eden told by Eve. Eve is brought up by the Serpent (otherwise known as Justice and Wisdom) whilst Adam is brought up by God. The plot follows Eve as she learns more about her surroundings and about herself. This covers a pretty deep topic - not just religion - and I found it an excellent read just by the way Aidinoff presents the taboo of religion versus the  freedom of an individual.

A short, but very powerful book. Green is a girl who's life is completely ruined. This tale is about how she copes and what she does to overcome her grief and how death is a part of life. Beautiful and strong, this book covers all emotions.

This is not the kind of book I would normally pick up and read - it was loaned to me by our neighbour (hence it's not pictured as I had to give it back). Pretty glad she did though because this Amanda Owen is awesome! She describes her life growing up in suburban Huddersfield, then her struggles as a teen trying to get into the shepherd business, growing a reputation and finding a foothold in  amongst the farmers, before then meeting her future husband. I love that in one of her favourite farming books as a kid, there's a picture of him at a livestock market - that is definately fate at it's best. I really want to go visit her farm and try some of her famous scones!

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