Tuesday, 8 September 2015

REVIEW: Dove Pure Care Dry Oil

I've been getting up super early to commute for an 1.5 hours each way to a new place of work these past couple of weeks so my skin and hair have been feeling pretty dull and lifeless.

I picked this Dove Dry Hair Oil thinking it would help revive the ends of my hair that have been getting battered by my hair drier/straighteners/curling iron. I was right. It did. It does.

It smells ay-may-zing! It's like that just-out-of-the-hairdressers scent that makes me feel a million dollars (pretty good for someone that never goes to the hairdressers - ever). 

I used two tiny drops of oil and covered the ends of my hair first, before running my fingers through the higher lengths. I have medium to long hair at the moment and two drops covered my hair really well. Any more and the oil would have completely overpowered my hair and probably greased it right up.

Considering this bottle is 100ml, I'm going to get an absolute ton of uses out of this one purchase. Win!

I've used an Argan oil before and found it really heavy on my hair, but this is a super light formula. When I've curled my hair after using this, the curls have held as though I have no moisturising product in there - usually they fall out super fast if I do.

I didn't pay the full price (£9.99) for this, however I would fully recommend using this if you need to revitalise your hair or give yourself a bit of a pamper.

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