Sunday, 4 October 2015

HELLO: The ohhellojo shop

Yes, you heard right! A shop.

I originally launched it a year or two ago under the name peapudding (I never really liked that name), but it's been a looong time since I last updated it or renewed any products. Back in August (whilst cleaning out our office) I found all my supplies and fell back in love with the little creations I'd stored away. I took all of the ideas I had back then and reinvented the brand and the items. 

So, there's only three products so far. 

  • We've got a little hex nut bracelet - my personal favourite. Adds an alternative, but dainty edge to an outfit.
  • The wooden bead bracelets which are lovely to wear on their own, or with a stack of other bracelets.
  • And finally, the gold circlet bracelet which is one of my original creations and was a best seller. Simple, but effective.

I have more coming and I'm currently sitting surrounded by wax cotton cord and little jewellery charms. Watch this space!

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