Tuesday, 27 October 2015

HOW TO: DIY Yarn Art

There are so many images of yarn art on the internet, and the more I looked at them, the more a wall in our office looked decidedly bare.

What you'll need:
A hammer
A bag of panel pins
A level
Some yarn or thread
A ruler
A printer!

First I chose my font and printed the word 'hello' out with each letter on a single piece of A4. I eyeballed their positions primarily, sticking each letter on the wall with blu-tac before going in with the ruler and level to make sure it wouldn't look dodgy once I started hammering nails into my wall.

Once I got the distances between letter just as I wanted them, I started hammering nails in at regular intervals. I chose 2cm, but you could go further or closer together depending on how you want your letters to look in the end.

Once I'd got the outlines with the nails done, I ripped the paper off the wall and started wrapping the thread around the nails. You can see I didn't get it 100% perfect, but it's close enough for me. I love that I can change out the thread to a wool or a different colour if I fancy it. It'll never look the same twice!

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