Thursday, 8 October 2015


The office is our back bedroom.Where once there was a dingy pop up bed, there is now a slick white desk. Where once there was orange artex, there is now a smooth, well plastered white wall covered with a veritable library.

My favourite thing about this room is the light. It's south facing so it gets sunshine pretty much all day - definately all day during the wintertime - and now it's white instead of the bright lurid orange it was when we first moved in, it's a great bright calming place to be. I enjoy spending time in here, reading, blogging or crafting.

After seeing Kate's living room, I decided to take the idea of bookcases-as-a-sideboard and pop two together along the wall opposite the desk. It gives us a place for our larger books and also for all our magazines and crafty bits. I love the plants and prints on the top. 

One of the oldest, but also my favourite DIY's are the streamers in the window. Instead of putting curtains up or a blind, I sewed a load of paper circles together with red thread and stuck lengths of them along our window frame so it makes our window a little less stark when it's dark outside. Obviously people can see directly into our office from nearby buildings, but when we're sat inside it feels cosier than if we just had a black square of darkness over our shoulders. 

This room is mostly finished, however there's a few things I'd like to update. The first being the Lads office chair. I have a replica Eames RAR whilst he still has an old dining chair that we've been handed down through the family. What we'd like is a similar white chair, probably a DSW.

The main improvement in this room will be the introduction of a 27' iMac. We've been pining planning for one of these beasts for years and finally we have the right finances to be able to afford one. We've even cut the legs of our desk down to enable us to fit it beneath the shelves... first world problems right there.

Hopefully, in the next couple of months this space will be finished!

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