Tuesday, 27 October 2015

REVIEW: The Autumn Cheek

*touch wood* My skin is looking fairly good at the minute and because of that and, notably, officially reaching my 'late twenties' next month, I've been experimenting with different looks. I've been a black-eyeliner-and-not-much-else-girl since I was about sixteen so I think at a decade on, it's time to start finding other options.

Since seeing Fleur mention this Collection Contour Kit, I've been dying to get my hands on it. Highlight is something I've tried and failed at using before, but this seems to be just the right kind of shimmer - rather than glitter. The contour shade is fairly warm, but blends easily giving a nice hue to the cheeks. It nips them in well. Excellent.

I already mix two of the Rimmel Blushes on a daily basis, but for something a bit different and as a pick-me-up on the colder mornings, I'm going to try to use this Lasting Finish Blush in Live Pink. It's much brighter than the Pink Rose and Bronze I use currently.

Finally I picked up this lovely Maybelline Face Sudio blush in Pink Amber. This is essentially the colour I make when I mix the two Rimmel blushes. It's a nice brightening, but matte shade that compliments my fair skin. Unfortunately, I can't find a link to this anywhere, but I can assure you it's in the shops right now.

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  1. These all look like sweet colors for fall! I am in need of some blush, I will have to keep this post in mind next time I hit the store.


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