Tuesday, 20 October 2015

REVIEW: COLAB Extra Volume Dry Shampoo

I have mixed feeling about this. I absolutely love the teeny dry shampoo there, but this larger Extreme Volume Dry Shampoo is just...odd.

There's no doubt it's extreme - my hair was the biggest it's ever been. For a night out or event where I'd want super big hair, this is awesome. I love using it to set curls because it holds incredibly well and makes my curls last literally all day. It also smell divine - but that's a given.

The only downside is the dry shampoo it claims to have in it. I don't see it. I don't feel it. This is a hairspray. I used it on clean hair to give a bit of texture - like I do the mini - and it made my hair solid. It didn't feel clean. It felt like I'd dumped a load of old school hairspray into it and if I bent a bit, my hair would snap off.

There's no doubt this product creates the extra volume, but I'm dubious about the dry shampoo aspect. Have you tried this? What do you think?

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