Sunday, 11 October 2015

REVIEW: Tresemmé Oleo Radiance Shampoo

You know when something catches your eye and you're like 'but do I really need this?' - put it back. And then you see it in a different store and you're like 'It's too expensive.' - put it back. And then you go into another store and you're like 'oh go on then!'

And before you know it, you're lathering up and wondering why the heck you didn't buy it in the first place.

This is that product for me. 

The Tresemme Oleo Radiance shampoo claims to make my hair look 'radiant and healthy' - two things I'm not sure this actually achieves yet, but it does clean my hair beautifully with a 'non greasy feel' which I'm grateful for.

The amount and mixture of oils - Argan, Almond and Castor -  this has in its ingredient list makes me believe that my hair will become much healthier with frequent use so it's claims may become true. First impressions though, this guy's on fleek.

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