Tuesday, 3 November 2015

BATTLE: Moisturisers

With winter on it's way, it's time to think skincare.

I've been using the Olay serum on it's own since my other moisturiser ran out last month. Now I'm officially in my 'late twenties' I'm on a serious skincare mission. I ain't gonna get no wrinkles. Well, maybe a few. Never fancied the botox look anyway.

I've used the Neutrogena Oil Free Grapefruit Moisturiser in the past and my skin responded well so I was excited to pop this Visibly Clear Oil Free Moisturiser into my basket. It smells clean, but a little like a suncream from when I was six. I like that it's formulated for 'fresh looking skin'. That to me implies I'll be able to have skin that I won't need to slap a load of makeup on everyday - fresh French woman style. Winner.

I picked this Garnier Pure Active Matte Moisturiser on a whim. My makeup tends to slide off my face by lunchtime unless I make a concerted effort to cake the powder on. I'd rather not do that so thought I'd give this a try instead. it's a gel like consistency and smells very 'hygenic'. It sinks in well though and makes my face feel soft and supple - excellent.

Both of these moisturisers have been warmly welcomed into my daily routine. I tend to veer towards the Neutrogena, just because it's creamier and I'm more used to that, but I'm pleased with how the gel Garnier version helps my skin.


  1. Hi Lovely - if you have an oily complexion try a Zinc spray like la roche posay (http://goo.gl/bi6Eb5) before makeup. Zinc loves to stop overproduction of skin oils :)


    1. I'll look into that this winter, thank you!

    2. I'll look into that this winter, thank you!


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