Sunday, 8 November 2015

LIFE: My new piercing

With my birthday a week ago, I decided to stop fannying about and forced myself to go get my auricle pierced. Before I got it done, I researched what to expect and found a lot of either super informative, but not personal articles,  mainly about top helix piercings rather than auricle piercings.

What is the Auricle?

The auricle is the narrow part of cartilage along the outer rim of the ear, in between the fleshy lobes and the wide flat expanse of the helix area - it's otherwise known as the midhelix. I chose this mainly to be different (but, Pinterest have some lovely pictures of this type of piercing too). The Lad and a friend of mine have both had their cartilage pierced and both said it would be a horrible experience - instant infection, soreness, redness, bumps on the exterior edge of the piercing. They painted a pretty good horror story. As did the internet - despite a lot of people having cartilage piercings, the majority of sites and videos show nasty repercussions.

The Piercing

I got it done a week ago.

The actual piercing didn't hurt much. If you've ever had blood taken, it's similar to the feeling of the inside of your elbow being pricked with the needle. Or if you get a mosquito bite. It's uncomfortable, but the pain was over instantly. When the stud was put in, it stung a little, but again not much and as soon as she'd screwed the end of the stud on, it stopped.

There was no blood or scabbing or anything nasty like that.

It was a pretty cold day that I got it pierced and it was the beginning of a full day of shopping so I was outside walking in between shops a lot. The only issue I had with it that first day was that when I left a shop and the cold hit it, my ear ached and I took to diving into another shop so it would warm up. When the temperature was warmer, it didn't ache at all. And by the end of the day, my ear didn't ache even when I went outside.


My piercer recommended Boots Sterile Saline Solution to clean it with. It must be sterile and it must be saline -  those were her words to me. She had plenty of piercings and said she'd used this on all of hers. I don't know whether it's made much difference, but I've been applying it with a cotton bud twice a day and (so far) no issues.

It's only in the past couple of days that the bruise has come up on my helix area. It's a lovely dark purple and it's sore to touch or brush my hand past it. Actually touching the stud (which is super long to accommodate any swelling) doesn't cause the sharp intake of breath it did earlier in the week although I'm still careful to avoid touching it at all to limit any germs getting in there.

Fingers crossed, it won't take too long to heal. Though from past experience with my other piercings, even if they start out looking good, it only takes one germ to make a sorry state of affairs.

Have you got a cartilage piercing? What was your experience like? How long did it take to heal?

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  1. Hey I got my index content piercing and is using saline soloution but on the botol it says for eye contact is it still okay to use


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