Sunday, 20 December 2015

MASTER PLAN A: Twelve months after taking the contraceptive pill

It's now almost a year since I took my last contraceptive pill. It's been an eye opener - mainly in a positive way -  I thought it would be really tough to get used to, or that I'd be completely unprepared for my 'natural' body, or that it would be a 'transition'.

Well, in a way, I suppose all of those things have happened at one point or another, but overall I'm extremely happy with my decision to stop taking the pill.

Things I've learnt about myself since taking my last pill:

1. Periods are horrible.
When I was younger, I used to have heavy periods. Then when I started taking the pill they became a lot lighter. I didn't realise just how much lighter until these past couple of months when I'm sure I lose half my body weight in blood in one day. TMI maybe, but if this is something you used to experience then, be prepared, it will happen again. On those days, I feel like I'm part of the walking dead and am almost crippled over with pain. But, it's only one day and the other days I feel fine.

I just keep thinking that if/when I ever have a baby, it's going to have the comfiest ride of it's life.

2. I am never completely unprepared.
I make use of my diary a lot more now I can't plan when I'm going to have a period. I know that on those weeks I'm due, it's better if I don't plan anything or if I do, I have a little pouch in my bag that has essentials in for when I'm out and about.

The things I keep in this pouch are: tissues, wet wipes, sanitary products and a spare pair of pants (in case I'm caught out - though thankfully this has never happened, I have used the pants when I stayed over unexpectedly at at a friends house - see, multiple uses!)

3. Being off the pill isn't THAT scary.
How would I know when I'd come on? How long would they last? Would I need to upgrade to 'nighttime' sanitary products? What if I'm at work when I have bad cramps?

All of these things were questions that honestly put me off stopping the pill. The control I had over myself was ultimately a comfort blanket and it was a security I'd had for so long that I was super reluctant. However, by giving up that control and giving my body a bit of freedom it's like instead of constantly pushing my little woman-demon down and out of sight, me and the demon have just become a woman instead. Acceptance of my body has made me much happier with myself on the whole.

I'm calmer, have more patience, I like myself more. Vain much? No, just happy.

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