Tuesday, 15 December 2015

SAVE: Christmas Cutlery #4

As we're hosting Christmas this year, I'm trying to think of ways to save time and space throughout the day - we're thinking one tray for our turkey and roast veg in the oven and getting people to bring the desserts/cheeseboard. 

One of things that has been worrying me quite a lot is the washing up. 

Sad, but true. I don't want our kitchen to look mucky whilst we eat or be the only one in the kitchen late on Christmas night washing up the mountain of pots.

So I thought: paper plates! 

By using paper plates I'll more than half the washing up. And if we manage to get everything to roast in one tray, then happy days! The washing up will take approximately the time it takes to boil the kettle for after dinner coffee.

I looked around and there's a few places that have specialised Christmas paper plates and napkins - Sainsbury's, Wilko's, Tesco - but in the end I found some pretty red scalloped plates in Paperchase and some super cheap ones in Home Bargains.

(And yes, I haven't unwrapped them yet because I know that if I do, I'll lose half of them.)

I'm still wondering whether we'll need some more/different ones for Boxing day when we're hosting a sort of buffet thing, but for now, this is a good start.

If you see any, let me know!

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