Sunday, 13 December 2015

SAVE: The Stocking Fillers

I usually go all out with present giving. You want a DSLR for Christmas? okay! You fancy a personalised number plate? okay! You've had your eye on that Urban Decay mega palette? okay!

You get the gist.

But this year is different. I'm on a tight budget and there's not much room for massively expensive presents. Sorry. Also, not sorry - it's just how it is.

All of the above are under £10. Even if I give two of these to the same person, it's still well within my budget for each person and  I reckon it looks as though I've still spent a lot of time finding the right product for the right person. 

Alongside my handmade presents, I'm doing pretty well so far financially.

So if you're on a budget like me, start thinking small but impressive, and if you're not on a budget these would be super for popping in a stocking.

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