Sunday, 3 January 2016

Master Plans for 2016

To continue to read regularly.
I love, love, loved pushing myself to read 52 books in 52 weeks and despite not hitting that target, I came pretty close and compared to what I managed to read the previous year, it was a huge achievement for me. I'm not giving myself a set goal this year, only to always have a book either on my bedstand, in my bag or in my hands.

To continue to make our house a home.
I've loved honing our home. I think the word 'honing' is apt -  it wasn't about getting new stuff in, but rearranging and organising what we already have. I have plans in mind for what I'd like to achieve this year and I'll be sure to share them with you.

To drink more water.
I don't drink. I have a mug of juice alongside my dinner and that will be that. I've already begun to take an old Robinsons bottle to work with me in an attempt to drink more - on the whole - but I'd like to drink the whole bottle in a day, rather than a quarter, if that.

To socialise more.
I think I've already started doing this, but I'd like to make sure I keep interacting with people outside of work. Say yes to things I maybe wouldn't usually do. I've started a whole new friendship with a lass from work, we go to the cinema and she invited me out for her birthday (which was hilarious) - two things I wouldn't have said yes to normally.

To make our time together quality time.
Since beginning to commute and the Lad working full time, normal shifts against my full time abnormal shifts, I've noticed we don't actually talk. Or when we do, one of us is falling asleep and already has a substantial amount of sleep-relaxation-dribble on their shirt. This is the part of the Master Plan I'll monitor on here with you guys. 

My mum mentioned a while ago how one of her work colleagues discovered a game (of sorts) which encourages people to spend time with their partners doing things that they normally wouldn't. No! not like that, you dirty people you! This game is basically an alphabet game - there's 52 weeks in the year and 26 letters in the alphabet so every fortnight you pick an activity that begins with the sequential letter. Due to my antisocial, very retail based job we can't stick to every second weekend, but we can make it a monthly thing. So I'm proposing we take a selection of letters for each month and pick an activity out of one of those letters. I'm hoping it'll work and be fun!

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