Sunday, 10 January 2016

READ: #47 Chewing the Cud, #48 The Small Hand, #49 Pegasus

To conclude my 2015 reading list, these are the final books I managed to read. I'm gutted I didn't reach my 52 goal, but as I said before, 49 is pretty close and I'm happy I managed to get that far!

This is an autobiography of Dick King-Smith, one of my all time favourite authors. I've read numerous of his books as a child and I think everyone and their Grandma's have watched Babe: The Sheep-pig before. I love his stories, the way he writes openly about his failures and about his love for his wife and family. I'm sad that this man is no longer with us, though he's left a grand legacy behind him.

A lovely little ghost story that's well written and presented. It's set in current time so there's a good juxtaposition between old times and newer times. There's a super twist in it, though a bit saddening too. I can't write a blurb for this without giving it away, so if you like ghost stories and fancy adding another to your collection, I would recommend this.

This has been on my wishlist for SO LONG and I finally got it for Christmas. It's typical McKinley - the story is well thought out and it's hard to put the book down, however (and this is quite a big however) it's similar to Sunshine in that there's a lot of repetition and I get the urge to shout 'hurry up!' a lot. Sylvi has the power to speak to her Pegasus - something no other human has ever really been able to do, or not recently anyway. She's the fourth child to her father, the King, and so she wasn't really supposed to come into any limelight and it totally unprepared for the shitstorm that hits the fan when everyone realises that normal traditions are under strain of being broken. A good, if not weird end read to my year of books.

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  1. Hi Jo! Oh, that Dick King Smith book looks wonderful, I'll have to check it out. I adore the James Herriot books, and I read his autobiography recently which is definitely worth looking out for if you like those sort of books; it's called 'The Real James Herriot'
    XO Amie

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