Thursday, 28 January 2016

REVIEW: Battle of the Drugstore Red

I bite my nails. Or rather, correction: I used to bite my nails.

Every year I say to myself that I will break the habit of my entire life and stop, but as yet I haven't ever kept it up for very long. It gets to the point I have to actually cut them to keep them sort and my hands useable and then it all goes to pot.

Red is a great colour for nails. Whether horribly bitten or long and gloriously manicured. Not only does it look mint whatever outfit or season, but it also helps a long-term biter like myself to cut back - otherwise I'd have a load of red flakes in my teeth.

Not a great look.

I've acquired quite the stash. My current favourite is the Rimmel Double Decker Red, closely followed by the MUA Red Rose, though going into Spring I can see the Rimmel Glason-berry getting some wear.

Which is your favourite red polish?

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