Tuesday, 12 January 2016

REVIEW: M&S Bodywash

I love these M&S body washes for two reasons: they smell awesome, and they smell awesome.

Each one smells incredibly aromatic and pungent - exactly as it describes itself on the front. I've had these since Christmas and I struggle to chose which to use every day. I adore the packaging - it's a fantastically cute olde worlde style that sits with the strength of scent and scent combinations of them. My particular favourite is the lavender and thyme because I tend to bathe in the evenings and it's a great combination to settle my body and mind down for sleep.

The combinations themselves are intriguing. The lemon and fig is acidic, but humble (pretty weird way to describe a smell, but the more I sniff it, the more I wholeheartedly stick by that description) and the elderflower and rhubarb reminds me of Springtime when everyone starts pruning and giving their grass the first cut - super fresh.

I'll be saddened when I come to the end of them, but they're all lasting very well considering the use.

 Have any of you tried these? What's your favourite scent combinations?

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  1. Hi Jo!

    These look lovely-I love the packaging and the ingredients sound intriguing! Good old M&S!

    XO Amie

    Credit Crunch Chic

  2. This scent description made my stomach rumble! How I would love to get my hands on these <3 Lovely photos :)

    xx Kinga || Miss Glamorous Sweatpants


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