Sunday, 17 January 2016

REVIEW: Sproutmark (the most awesome bookmark)

My mum knows me well.

My family are avid readers - even my gamer brother. Give him a good story and he's on it like a tramp on chips.

I'm anal when it comes to books. The spines MUST be kept pristine. The corners must NOT be bent. NO moisture must ever come into contact with any part of a book - that means no licking of fingers to turn pages, or bath time reading.

I got these Sproutmarks in my stocking for Christmas. At first I was a bit like, wtf do I do with that? But, once my Ma carefully explained, I got it, and I loved it. The concept is awesome. I usually keep the sprout stuck out of the top (like the first photo), but on the occasion I've put it in so it springs up when I open the book, a smile always appears on my face.

So, going back to the anal thing, I was worried that the size of the sprout would affect the pristine-ness of my books. Never fear though, the sprouts are flexible silicone and seeing as I read pretty quick, the sprouts aren't in one place for two long. They are also pretty good for chewing on instead of nail biting at the good parts.

I love these. Such a simple, but fantastic design.

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