Sunday, 31 January 2016


So January was good and bad.

The majority was awesome, we spent a lot of time putting a lot of effort into eating well and visiting family. We found a new favourite restaurant to eat at and spent a lovely weekend away up on the North Yorkshire Coast.

On the other hand though, our old family cat passed away suddenly. After eleven years we were forced to put her down due to a random, undiagnosable issue where she wasn't able to open her mouth to drink or eat. The vets were super helpful and tried as much as they could to make whatever was preventing her from drinking less painful, but nothing worked. In the end the vet (who, incidentally, we took her to when we found her abandoned aged six months at the end of our road) gave us two options: to put her through a major ordeal to try to find the source of the issue and then find a course of treatment to aid recovery (if they could) or to just stop her pain. I cried like an absolute baby, but more that she was in pain and I couldn't stop it without hurting her more rather than having to put her down.

So overall, January could have been better.

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