Friday, 5 February 2016

HOME: White or Grey

This time last year I decided to revamp our home into something we were really proud of instead of something we took for granted and didn't really care about.

Towards the end of the year I finally began changing up the living room to it's now grey, navy and mustard colour scheme. It's gone well so far, however I'm now up against a bit of a dilemma.

Our sofa is the brown Karlstad from IKEA. We chose it because it's covers are interchangeable and if we ever decided to change up our colour scheme then it would be easy to make our sofa match too.

But, the Karlstad three seater is now unavailable, so to get another colour cover I need to import from America or Europe. All the covers are still reasonably expensive so I only want one and I'm stuck between white or grey. We have a lot of grey in our living room already, but it would be a practical colour for a high use area and would probably match any other redecoration we decide to do in the future. However, I'm twenty six, have one cat that isn't allowed on furniture, no kids and no dog so when am I ever going to be able to have a white sofa again? This is probably the best time ever to get a white cover and I'm more than willing to get a nice throw to help keep it clean.

I've pinned a load of inspiration over on my pinterest so check it out and let me know which colour you would choose and why!

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