Wednesday, 3 February 2016

REVIEW: The Body Shop Hand Cream

Every winter for as long as I can remember the skin on my knuckles has dried up and cracked open.

Great opening line that.

You're sat there thinking, well use a hand cream you daft mare! And I'm sat here like, I have and you try working in a very manual labour intensive job whilst being greased up to your elbows with hand cream. It's not good. Cracked hands are actually more preferable than slippy hands in my case, however uncomfortable.

And for the past nearly ten years that's what I've done: watched my hands crack and just got on with it. I've tried a few variations on the usual moisturising hand creams and there's been some good ones and a lot of bad ones, but none that have made me want to stick to applying it regularly. 

Cue the Frosted Cranberry hand cream by the Body Shop. It is affordable, smells beautiful, is handy and extremely moisturising - whilst being non-greasy. Although the cranberry was a limited edition version for over the Christmas period, the strawberry one smells almost edible too.

I'm usually not one for applying hand cream whilst at work - as I said I find it greasy - but this is like a skin smoother. It softens and smoothes and makes the skin much more able to cope with the extreme weather temperatures. I wouldn't say it's made my hands any better than they were when I first began applying this, however my hands haven't cracked, nor have they become any worse for wear like they usually do.

For this product to get me to want to apply it regularly means it's a complete legend product in my book.

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